Specialized Cardio Machine Information

A revolving staircase that puts you entire lower body through a full range of motion while offering a tremendous low impact but calorie scorching workout. 


Unlike any other traditional cardio machine, the Helix uses side to side lateral motion to target, strenghten and develop supporting muscles of the lower body while activating your core. On top of this, the Helix provides an intense cardio workout.


Free Motion Incline Trainers

These machines have a special feature compared to traditional treadmills. The Free Motion Trainer can elevate up to 30% incline compared to most traditional treadmills. Incline walking is a great alternative to running, and burns equal amount of calories without the heavy impact. 


Summit Trainer

The Summit Trainer combines total body effects of cross training and climbing in one machine that delivers an intense and challenging workout but with low impact. This machine is user friendly for any fitness level.