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SDC Shooting Range Non-Student Access

The public (MTU Faculty/Staff and community patrons) is welcome to use the Shooting Range during posted public/club hours for a fee. Eligible Michigan Tech students gain access to the Shooting Range through student fees paid with their tuition.

Range Public Access Day Pass

$10 / person/session is payable at the SDC Ticket Office. Note that SDC Access does not include access to the Range. Please bring your paid ticket to the Shooting Range club representative before entering the Shooting Range. Chaperones to participants 10-17 years old do NOT have to pay a daily access fee if they will just be present with the minor (and not participating).

Archery Day Pass  Competition Rifle Day Pass  Pistol Day Pass  Practical Pistol Day Pass


Range Public Semester Pass

The Spring Semester Range Semester Pass fee is $140/person, payable at the SDC Ticket Office, and will expire on April 19, 2024. The semester access pass is valid to be used at all of the club's PUBLIC times. Eligible Michigan Tech students gain access to the Shooting Range through student fees paid with their tuition.

Purchase a Range Semester Access Pass


Club Hours

The public is welcome during posted club hours. The Range day pass or semester access pass is required for each visit. In addition, there is a semester club fee that is required after your first visit.

Rules, Requirements, and Procedure

Everyone is expected to abide by the Michigan Tech Shooting Range rules, operation guidelines, and safety procedures. On your first visit to the Range, non-Michigan Tech students will be required to complete a firearms registration form that will be kept on file with Michigan Tech DPSPS. A Range Safety Briefing and signature on the Release, Waiver, Indemnification, Hold Harmless, and Assumption of Risk Statement is also required. Failure to abide by given rules may result in a reprimand or your removal from the Range.


For more information, please contact Jeff Stroud, Shooting Range Supervisor and Chief Range Safety Officer at