Spring Camps, Clinics, & Tournaments

Little Huskies Volleyball Spring Camp—Grades 2-6

Michigan Tech’s Little Huskies Camp is the perfect way to explore the basics of volleyball for budding players. Students learn the fundamentals of the game—serving, passing, setting, and more. Our top coaches and student-athletes modify the game and equipment (such as lowering the net) for young players to ensure a successful and confidence-building experience.

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2019 Spring High School Volleyball Clinics

High School Volleyball Clinics—Grades 9-12

Position-specific, high intensity skill training designed for athletes with prior experience playing volleyball. Each clinic, led by the Michigan Tech Husky Volleyball Coaching Staff and current players, will provide 5 hours of focused instruction designed to improve the athlete's skill set.

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Spring 2020 Volleyball Boys Clinic

Volleyball Boys Clinic—Grades 8-12

An introductory clinic for young men to learn and/or improve on the basic skills of volleyball. Taught by the Michigan Tech Volleyball Staff in conjunction with the MTU Men's Club Program, athletes will receive instruction in skills such as passing, setting, attacking and serving. Boys volleyball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country and is being proposed as a varsity-level sport in the state of Michigan. Come experience a fun, fast-paced and exciting day of volleyball!

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Doghouse Classic 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

An original Michigan Tech event which saw its beginnings over 28 years ago under the direction of Kevin Borseth, head women's basketball coach at the time. The Doghouse Classic was a long-standing tradition in the Houghton and Hancock area up until 2007. In 2016, the tradition was reestablished. Michigan Tech Recreation is excited for the opportunity to host the tournament and bring the Doghouse back to its former glory! Divisions include boys and girls grades 4-8, JV, Varsity, and Men's and Women's Opens.

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Girls' Little Huskies Basketball Spring Camp—Grades 2–5

Get ready to learn all of the basketball basics in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment. At Michigan Tech’s Little Huskies Basketball Camp, participants have a great time developing fundamental skills and working with some stellar mentors.

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Little Huskies Football—Grades 4–6

Step off the sidelines and into the game with Michigan Tech’s Little Huskies Football Camp. We pack a lot of action (and fun!) into the day—field practice with group instruction and time spent with the Huskies coaching staff and current players. Participants will come away with a better understanding of passing, receiving, blocking, footwork, and defensive skills. Fun and competitive play await you on Sherman Field.

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Spring 2019 Little Huskies Boys Basketball Camp

Boys' Little Huskies Basketball Spring Camp—Grades 2–6

Hard work, teamwork, and most of all: fun! Our Little Huskies Boys’ Basketball Camps are a great opportunity for younger kids to start learning and enjoying the sport. Build basketball skills like ball handling, shooting, team play, and defensive play… once you have the basics down, you’ll be on track to be the next Shaq!

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Tennis is often called a “lifetime” sport—once you learn, you can play for life. So start early! Programs for children ten and under follow the US Tennis Association’s QuickStart format, meant to introduce young new players to the game, equipment, and scoring. For older kids, there are group classes focused on beginner playing techniques, drill clinics, cardio tennis, and more. Grab a racket and get into the game.

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