The Michigan Tech Challenge Course is comprised of a High Element Course and Low Element course.  We operate on 'Choose Your Challenge" basis, encouraging participants to engage in all activities, but not forcing anyone to do anything they are not comfortable with.  

The High Element course includes the following elements, roughly 25 feet in the air:

Pole Climb 

   The pole climb is just like it sounds, a pole climb.  You will be on belay and climbing up the pole to the elements at the top.  The pole has a variety of large staples placed strategically to make similar to climbing a ladder.  

Island Hop

   The Island Hop is a good introduction to the high course, with multiple wood boxes mounted to wire rope and the mounted to the poles.  The boxes have a little wiggle to them, making for a little bit more excitement when crossing!

Swinging Bridge 

   This element requires some core strength and flexibilty to complete.  The Bridge is comprised of multiple swinging steps that you must cross to reach the platform at the end.  Did we mention that the steps swing?  Yup.  

Single Wire Traverse 

   Sounds simple, right?  The single wire traverse provides you with one foot cable and one hand line to hold onto the entire way across.  Sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult!

Swinging Log 

   The most acessible and easiest element on the high course is the swinging log.  A little bit of sway and rock make the log more than just a walk between two platforms.  Easily completed by most participants, the key is to look forward, not down!  

Multi-line Traverse 

   Another single foot cable, but this time we mix up the hand lines for you.  A loop.  One straight hanging, maybe another one.  One of the more difficult elements, but great for those who are looking for a challenge!

Zip Line 

   By far the best way to exit the High course is the 250' Zip line.  Positioned at the end of the swinging log, the zip line provides a fast, safe, and exciting exit to the ground from the course.  What better way to end it!  

We offer a few different options when it comes to the high course.  We can customize just about anything to meet your needs, with some restrictions on time and group sizes be some of the most common.   We also host some open days throughout the year where folks can come up and try the Pole Climb, Swinging Log, and the Zip Line without needing a group of 8.  There is a $5 charge for the open days and the group events are booked based on the size of the group and the time needed to complete the desired activities.