Outdoor Adventure Trips

The Outdoor Adventure Program (OAP) offers a wide variety of trips and outdoor experiences for everyone at Michigan Tech.  Trips range from a day trip to a week long experience as a part of Adventure Spring Break.

General Trips

Our general trips include any of our day trips, overnight, or weekend trips that are not a part of another special trip(Orientation Week, ASB, etc.).  General trips are typically lower cost and lower time comittment from the participant.  We offer our general trips at an ability level that anyone can participate and we encourage people who are new to the activitiy to join us on a trip.  

Evening Snowshoe Hikes

Snowshoe Hikes are a part of the Series and are most what we do in the winter.  We currently have about 120 pairs of Tubbs Snowshoes that are available for rent at the OAP, including about 8 pair of children's snowshoes.  We will head out to a number of different locations and snowshoe, usually after the sun has gone down for the day.  Popular locations include Paavola Wetlands, McLain State Park, Michigan Tech Trails, and Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids in Hancock.  These hikes are low cost and include snowshoes for those who do not own a pair (yet). Limited transportation is available for off campus trips.

2021 Snowshoe dates are listed below! 

February 11 – Hungarian Falls
February 25 – McLain State Park
March 4 – Pilgrim Community Forest

The Bigfoot Glowshoe Event is a partnership between the OAP and Wellness Programs and makes up the other part of the Snowshoe Series.  Held annually for the past 20 years, this year there will be some new changes to the event. The most significant and exciting is the moving of the event to Thursday night of Winter Carnival! We will be using glow sticks and glow paint and many other glow items to mark the trails and ensure that no one gets lost!

Mountain Bike Rides

The OAP maintains a fleet of 12 Kona Mountain Bikes and will rountinely offer guided rides on the Tech Trails.  There are many miles of trails available to ride on the Tech Trails, so many that it can be easy to get turned around.  We offer rides and provide the equipment needed so participants do not need to purchase additional equipment.  We are done with our rides for season in October and pick back up again once the trails have dried out in the spring.  

Paddling Trips

The OAP has been working with some great alums in the Ketola Family of Chassell MI to have access to a portion of the Sturgeon River in Chassell.  This generosity has been vital to the increase in paddling opportunites for our students as well as our Alumni.  We regularly run canoe trips on Sturgeon River throughout the summer for those students who stay in Houghton for the summer as well as for Summer Youth Programs, Admissions Visits, Alumni Reunion and Orientation Week!  

Our season has ended for canoe trips on the sturgeon river, but check back in the Spring for planned events, or contact us to set up a custom trip for your group!  

Trip Expectations- As a participant on an OAP trip there are some expectations that our leaders will have of you.  Depending on the nature of the trips there may be more specific expectations, but the following are a general outline for all of our trips:

  1. Be on time for any meetings and on the day of departure.
  2. Be prepared for the weather that may be encountered for the duration of the trip.
  3. Be of clear mind and body- no drugs or alcohol may be brought or used/consumed on trips.
  4. Listen to the trip leaders- they are in charge and responsible for the safety of all participants.
  5. Have Fun, Be Safe!