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Silent Gear Auction

April 13, 2024

Join the OAP for our annual auction of used, surplus gear as we prepare to replace it with nice, new equipment!


11:00am - 1:00pm


MacInnes Student Ice Arena Concourse (aka the Breakaway Zone)

Auction Guidelines

The Annual OAP Gear Auction will be held on Saturday, April 13th, 11am - 1pm, in the SDC Ice Arena, on the concourse/Rail 555/Mezzanine level. The Auction is open to everyone and is a silent/blind bid auction. No pre-registration is needed, however participants will be required to sign in when entering the auction with name, phone, and email.

 When signing in you will also sign agreeing to our terms and conditions of the sale, listed below: 

  • All bids are final and bidders are responsible for payment and pickup of items won, BE SURE OF YOUR BID BEFORE YOU WRITE IT DOWN!
  • All winning bids must be picked up on the day of the auction.
  • The auction runs from 11a - 1p, calls will be made to winning bidders between 1p - 2p. 

- If there is a tie for the winning bid, we will utilize a coin toss in the event of two identical bids, or a random hat draw for more than two identical bids
- All submitted bids are final and items are sold in “as-is condition” with no refunds, exchanges or substitutions allowed.

Winning bidders are required to pick up and pay for their items on Saturday, April 13th between 2pm - 4pm in the same location as the auction. We can accept cash, credit, debit, or check for any item. Paying with credit and debit will incur a 2.3% fee on cards, and tax is added onto all items in the sale.


We will be accepting outdoor and recreational gear for commission in the gear auction beginning on Monday, April 8th, through Friday, April 12th, during regular OAP hours. Silent auction will begin at 11am on Saturday, and final bids must be submitted by 1:00pm. The OAP will take a consignment fee on each item of $10.00.

Seller guidelines:

  1. Equipment can be dropped off at the OAP starting on April 8th - April 12th during open OAP hours. The OAP is open from 4-8p on Monday and Wednesday, 12-4p on Tuesday and Thursday, and 12-8p Friday through Sunday.
  2. We are taking a $10.00 commission fee on each item sold. Tax is added to each item being sold from the OAP and commission items.
  3. You will determine the starting price for each of your items.
  4. Any items under $50 will not be accepted.
  5. If you are not sure if we will accept the item, contact us! Feel free to call or email and ask any questions.
  6. All revenue we generate goes directly back into new rental equipment!


  1. Will the OAP take a percent of the sale? Yes. The OAP is taking $10.00 from each sale.
  2. Do I have to auction my items off or can I just set a price for sale? We will auction off each item based on the minimum price. If you would like to set something as "buy it now" you can, but will need to make sure the item is listed as such.
  3. What if my item(s) do not sell? You will need to pick up any unsold items by 4pm on April 16th or they will become property of the OAP.
  4. When do I get my money if my items sell? We will take care of all sales and as soon as all of your sold items have been picked up and paid for, you will get most of the total sale price (minus the $10 commission fee and tax), with most payouts arriving by check within 2 weeks of the event.
  5. When and where is the sale? Saturday, April 13th, 11am-1pm in the MacInnes Ice Arena.
  6. Can I place a bid for my roommate/friend/significant other/other? No. You can only place bids for yourself.
Equipment that will be available for sale this year includes Key Log synthetic rolling logs, cross country skis and boots, snowshoes, athletic gear, and other items.
Bidders will complete the provided bid slip for each item that they wish to bid on. The slip is placed into the bid box for the desired item and the highest bid wins.