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Belly Dance

Get in the groove and try a dance class! Arabic and international music and dance moves combine to create a fun fitness routine that offers a great cardiovascular workout. If you're attracted to belly dancing as a new form of exercise and a way to get fit, we suggest trying our beginner-level belly dancing to achieve your goal! Shimmying, wiggling, and undulating your belly is an excellent way to get your heart pumping and strengthen your core. Belly dancing is a fun cultural experience that makes you feel comfortable with your body, is more social and you get the opportunity to learn easy cool moves! No experience, specific clothes or shoes are necessary. Just wear something comfortable and be ready to move and sweat!


SDC Studio

Activity Level

Light to moderate. Classes are structured so that anyone from beginners to experienced people can benefit from this class. Participants must be a minimum of 16 years old.


Spring 2024: January 8 - April 22

No class February 26.


Monday, 6:15-7:05 pm


SDC Access Holders (minimum 1 month) - FREE, must have ID present for entry to class

Class day pass $10

HuskiesFit Ultimate Punch Card
MTU Student 8-punch card $33, 16-punch card $50
General Public 8-punch card $52, 16-punch card $88

New HuskiesFit Punch Cards expire one year from the date of purchase, are valid for the current list of available classes, and will not be exchanged or refunded due to classes not being offered on a consistent basis. Customers are responsible for keeping their cards.

The SDC is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Please do not leave valuables unattended. 

About the Instructor

Ruby Alhajjar

Ruby, a devoted practitioner of belly dancing for more than 20 years, has seamlessly woven this captivating art form into her life. With a strong cultural connection, belly dance has become
more than a mere hobby for her—it is a way to celebrate women's bodies, regardless of size, and establish a profound connection with oneself. Ruby views belly dancing as an empowering
exercise that harmonizes with the music, enabling individuals to embrace their bodies and feel fulfilled.

As an instructor, Ruby combines the essential movements of different belly dance types with their historical context. Joining her classes guarantees a solid foundation in belly dance techniques, accompanied by guidance on exuding beauty while performing the dance. Above all, Ruby prioritizes creating an environment where every woman finds pure joy, cherishing
moments of fun and self-expression during their performances.

In addition to her belly dance expertise, Ruby has extensive training in cabaret styles such as Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and a touch of Turkish, along with experience in American fusion and khaleeji styles. She has also instructed various dances and trained belly dancers for night performances. Beyond her passion for belly dancing, Ruby is a science enthusiast, skilled makeup
artist, fashion designer, consultant, and excellent cook.