2020 CCSA Conference Championship/ GLD CXC Cup

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February 15-16, 2020
Michigan Tech Nordic Training Center - Houghton, Michigan

Saturday, February 15 - 5k/10k Freestyle Interval Start
Sunday, February 16 - 15k/20k Classic Mass Start


Registration information will be distributed to CCSA coaches.

If you are not associated with a CCSA team and wish to race contact:

Tom Smith
Michigan Tech Head Coach
(906) 487-2986

Friday, February 14, 2020

9:30 am - Race course marked and groomed the best line for classic race preview (note - same course both days)

5:30 pm - Coaches meeting - Michigan Tech Student Development Complex Room 237
(Saturday bibs will be distributed)

Saturday, February 15, 2020

7:00 am Grooming completed
8:00 am Race Secretary Office open (bib pick-up available)
9:30 am Women's 5km freestyle interval start (all ages U16 and up)
10:30 am Boys 5km freestyle interval start (U16)
11:00 am Men's 10km freestayle interval start (U18 and older)
12:30 pm Girls 3km freestyle mass start (U14)
12:45 pm Boys 3km freestyle mass start (U14)
1:15 pm Girls 2km freestyle mass start (U12)
1:30 pm Boys 2km freestyle mass start (U12)
1:35 pm Adaptive 2km


Sunday, February 16, 2020

7:00 am Grooming completed
8:00 am Race Secretary Office open - all bib pick-ups for today
9:30 am Men's 20km classic mass start (collegiate)
10:30 am Men's 10km classic mass start (U18/U20)
11:15 am Boys 5km classic mass start (U16)
Noon Women's 15km classic mass start (collegiate)
1:00 pm Women's 10km classic mass start (U18/U20)
1:45 pm Girls 5km classic mass start (U16)
2:15 pm Boys 3km classic mass start (U14)
2:30 pm Girls 3km classic mass start (U14)
3:00 pm Boys 2km classic mass start (U12)
3:15 pm Girls 2km classic mass start (U12)
3:20 pm Adaptive 2km


Wax Facilities

On request, each collegiate team will be assigned space in one of the 10 rooms in the Michigan Tech wax building. Teams may share space with other teams. Power is available for wax trailers (but Michigan Tech will not provide any wax trailers). For more information contact Tom Smith at (541) 408-7833.

Contact Information

Tom Smith, co-race director
Michigan Tech Head Coach
(906) 487-2986
Joel Isaacson, co-race director
Associate Athletic Director, Michigan Tech
(906) 487-1915