Trail Maps


The Michigan Tech trail system accommodates all levels of skiers, bikers, and hikers—from beginner to advanced. The main trailhead is located on Sharon Avenue and can be accessed from campus to the top of MacInnes Drive which then changes to Sharon Avenue. With Houghton’s average snowfall approaching 250 inches, the winter season usually opens in early December and continues into April.  Checkout the Trail Genius virtual map which shows skiing the Competition Trails. 

Michigan Tech Trail System -- Summer PDF JPG 
Michigan Tech Trail System -- Winter PDF JPG


Michigan Tech Trail Webcams

View of the Tech Trails near the waxing building looking south.

View of the Tech Trails near the warming building.

OAP operations have moved to the main trailhead Systems Control Wax Center. Stop in and see the changes!

Dogs must be leashed and under owners' control at all times and are restricted to the Tolkien, Nara, Isle Royale & Superior trails via the following access points - softball fields, Nara & Tolkien. No dogs at the main trailhead.

Snowshoeing is allowed on the following Nordic Ski Trails; Isle Royale Loop, Superior Loop, Tolkien Trails, and River Loop (access from the Nara Trailhead). It also includes all of the single-track mountain bike trails. Please reframe from walking on the classic ski tracks. 

Snow bikes (fat tire) may ride on Isle Royale, Superior, Tolkien and River Loops.

Lighted trails are Birch, Isle Royale, Oak, Balsam, Linden and Peepsock. Lights are on daily 6am to 9am and 6pm to 9pm.

Please adhere to trail closures due to trail base grooming preparation.

Safety Note: Please do not ski/ride/etc. the wrong way on trails. Trails with steep hills are intended to be one direction to avoid collisions and injury. One way trails have a DO NOT ENTER sign posted on the wrong-way trail entrance. Please keep a lookout for these signs and stay safe on the trails!