2021-2022 OAP Gear Rental Rates


We have tents!  The OAP maintains over 35 tents for renters to use.  We have 2-person, 3-person, and 4-person tents in many different styles and configurations.  We currently offer the following tents:  Eureka Apex 2, Vaude Campo 3, Peregrine 4, and the Noah's Tarp for the minimalist campers!  


Eureka Apex 2



Vaude Campo 3


Peregrine Radama 4


All tents that we rent are free-standing and can be pitched on just about any terrain.  Please make sure that you are practicing Leave No Trace Principles when selecting your tent site.

Sleeping Bags

20-degree and zero-degree sleeping bags are available for rental. Closed-cell foam sleeping pads are available for rent as well.