The Low Element Course consists of the following elements, located on or near the ground(no harness or equipment needed):

The Wall 

   The Wall is a team challenge in which the entire group must get up and over the wall before time runs out!  Participants are only allowed to 'help' two people from the top of the wall, and once the go over, they can only 'Spot' on the bottom of the wall, no helping.  A great activity to work on teamwork, planning, and identifying strengths within the group.  

Whale Watch 

   The Whale Watch is a giant platform balanced on a fulcrum, with the goal to load the platform and keep it balanced with all parcticipants on board.  Groups may be asked to move around the platfrom, stand-up, sit-down, or even sing a song to ward off the whales, all while maintaining balance.  This focuses on communication, focus and concentration, reaction to others, and requires one leader to step forward.  

Tire/Hula Hoop on a Pole 

   A great activity for a large group, with modifications that can be made easily to adjust the level of challenge.  One variation includes removing the time from the pole without touching the pole at all, people or tire.  The tire must be lowered to the ground under control and then replaced back on the log.  The Hula Hoop version requires each person to successfully toss a hopp around the pole from a determined distance as fast as possible.  

TP Shuffle 

   Your classic 'line-up game, with a twist.  We may ask groups to line up according to height, age, birthday, all while maintaining balance and contact with the log.  If anyone falls off, the group must re-set and start again.  

Wild Woozy 

   Probably the most challenging low element that we have is the the two Woozy's!  Helmets are required, and we will make sure that the group spots you as you and partner travese a low foot wire fashioned into the shape of a triangle.  As the wires get farther apart, you must trust and rely on your partner to balance as you make your way to the widest part, leaning into each other the whole way.  

Wild, Wild Woozy 

   Take what we have for the Wild Woozy and put a tree in the middle of the line that you have navigate your way around, while still on the foot wire.  A great step up from the Woozy for those groups that are really clicking!

Spider Web 

   Another classic with some twists!  Taking a long section of retired rope, you must snake the rope through the web without touching any of the web and waking up the spider!  Total group participation and great communication and focus are required to successfully complete this element.

Mohawk Walk 

   A balance and stability element that challenges you from the start.  The Mohawk Walk requires spotters and some great balance and upper body strength to maintain a hold on the hand lines.  

Nitro Crossing 

   One of the favorites for all ages, the Nitro Crossing.  A rope swing is the only way to cross and escape peril, requiring the whole group to work together to get across safely!  Some variations may require landing in a hula hoop island as the only safe landing zone.  

Island Hop 

   A challenging puzzle requiring participants to cross three islands using boards that are not long enough alone to span the distance.  This activity focuses on communication and problem solving, as well as a little creative thinking.  

In addition, we have a number of portable puzzles, games, icebreakers, teambuilders and general activities to get groups moving and working together.  These activities are easily transported to your site and we can facilitate any number activities for your group.  Contact us for more information on off site facilitation at 906-487-2290