Lost and Found

The SDC ticket office (487-2073) collects major valued items found at the SDC and Gates Tennis Center.  Within 48 hours, these items are forwarded to the Department of Public Safety and Police Services and held for safekeeping for up to six months. After an appropriate time has elapsed, the items are disposed of according to applicable state law.

The multipurpose room ID desk (487-2671) collects minor valued items found in the SDC and holds them in the lost and found bin for up to two weeks before donating them to a local charitable facility. Please stop by the multipurpose room ID desk during open building hours to check for any items you may have lost in the past two weeks.

Tennis rackets and minor value items left at Gates Tennis Center may be retrieved from staff at the tennis center (487-2774).

The SDC is not responsible for the security of property lost, found or abandoned in the SDC. Users are expected to keep their belongings such as cell phones and laptops within their sight at all time.